Over the next year, alongside the development of the Goodrock Park Farm, we will also be developing Agrinomic Solutions - an independent Agronomy and Small Farm Consulting service. 

Agrinomics will be built on the premise of our base philosophy to pass on the skills and knowledge we amass while undergoing our transformation, it aims to marry that knowledge with additional value from the experience accumulated during our the combined years of consulting.

With the trend towards sales agronomy by fertiliser and chemical entities, how do you know that the advice you are receiving is aimed towards your enterprise goals and not at a sales target? 

Agrinomic solutions specialises in Pasture management and aims to provide through its services the ability to determine the health of your soil, the nutrient use requirements for your enterprise and how to integrate soil carbon in the pursuit of your farming system goals.

A range of services are being developed to meet the needs of small farm holders. Expected services include:
  • Independent Agronomy --
    • Confirmation of suggested application recommendations 
    • Development of a holistic plan that incorporates pasture management, soil and animal health with your enterprise outcomes and farming system philosophies
  • Farm Planning --
    From a discussion of your goals to a site inspection, we will ensure that we provide an overview of the  resources, skills, responsibilities and risks you will face as you begin the task of achieving your plan. 
    We can assist by 
    • Recommending enterprises, operations and management practices to best suit your land 
    • Recommending services and education that meets your future needs

  • Environmental Impact and Mitigation Planning -- 
    Utilising an approved Environmental Farm Planning Program (EFP), we will assist you in assessing practices that may impact your community and environment. We can help you to:
    • Maintain your own Environmental Best Management Practices (EBMP) workbook. 
    • Develop a Climate Risk Management (CRM) plans 
    • Identify climate and environmental aspects that may affect or alter your enterprise. 
    • Calculate and Record your operational footprints

  • General Consulting --
    • Biosecurity measures; 
    • Enterprise synergies; 
    • Pasture biodiversity; 
    • Mitigation and adaptation strategies; 
    • Research and  analysis;
    • Grant Writing.

  • Vocational Training and Assessment  --
    • Training Needs / Gap Analysis
    • Custom Workplace Training
    • Accredited Certificate IV and Diploma Units and Courses
  • Agricultural IT solutions --
    From mapping software to livestock management. RFID readers to automatic weight stations. Anyone can sell you individual products and solutions. Our job is to help you assess the products and solutions to ensure that they meet your requirements and, most importantly, integrate with the rest of your existing equipment and processes. Let us help you make the right choice.

We will update this site as services become available.